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Exploratory BlogSite/WebSite for MillsIdeas

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Welcome to MillsIdeas, LLC

This is an experimental, new web presence for MillsIdeas, parent firm to four subsidiaries; Thomas Mills & Associates, a full-service marketing, design and communications firm, Studio 721, fine art studio and gallery, Mills Gaming Systems, a boardgame and scenery development firm and Altruis, an entrepreneurial start-up offering visual communications for nonprofits.

The reason it’s experimental? Please allow me to explain.

With the implementation of this WordPress blog site, I’m essentially leading by example. For the past year and a half, I’ve been advocating the development and use of “disposable” websites. Though I am, in many instances, anti-template (as a design professional), I also am open-minded, and more importantly…I have learned how to recognize opportunity. I see the world changing so rapidly, that we must all (especially Americans) adapt and be able to change direction without great expense and with great speed.

Though I still believe in the efficacy of professionally-built sites for many businesses (especially large businesses and/or corporations) and recognize and acknowledge the need for e-commerce for many…I think small businesses and individuals can benefit greatly from the use of sites that are inexpensive to create, easily customized, updated and managed (by the site owner). I’m not saying that the latter should necessarily avoid nor choose to work with web design and development professionals. I am suggesting that you explore inexpensive, adaptable, short-term usage (topical, current content) web sites (i.e. blog engine templates).

Today, I believe that it’s more important to be actively involved on the Internet, using and adopting social media and social networking…all the while – being quickly able (yourself) to change the way in which you are represented and display your capabilities, or skill set, to the world. WordPress templates have become very easy to customize. That means, for a nominal investment…you can adapt a template to incorporate your logo, change the color scheme and set it up to best suit your needs and worry less about looking like someone else and more about being current, and…being there.

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